Pivotal Circle's role

Mentoring has myriad of benefits. We, the Pivotal Circle team, can offer all those benefits mentoring can give to our youths and grown ups. Social and recreational development, emotional support, the potential for greater career success, promotions and increased opportunities are some of the benefits Pivotal Circle and our team can offer to our mentees.

Pivotal Circle’s purpose is to help our mentees explore career paths, develop professional networks, identify new resources, achieve or exceed life’s goals and aspirations. We, provide guidance, motivation, support and development of role modelling especially to our young people. Research studies have proven that young people who have a mentor by their side are more confident, believe in their abilities to succeed at school and in life. They are prone to choose the ideal career path and feel less anxious, in comparison with their peers.

Through Pivotal Circle mentorship, youths can grow intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally. They can become better planners, organisers, problem solvers and develop self-awareness. We are here to help our youths overcome their difficulties and challenges of choosing the right academic studies that will lead to the desired profession. People who embark on a professional career they are passionate about, are fulfilled and healthier, happy to go to work daily, feeling creative and engaged. They end up leading a better life.

As for our adults, whether they are looking for a new job, career change, or confronting organisational challenges, can reach out to us so they are not feeling alone. We can help you go through these situations smoothly and improve your quality of work / life balance.

We, the Pivotal Circle team, are here to help you succeed in your goals and life targets. Every minute of our life is valuable and when it (that) goes it never returns; so spend time wisely and be happy.

Written by: Christina Tsolaki