Pivotal Circle team was created during May 2019 as the Initiative 1 Team which took part at the
Brainstorming Series organized by Maravilhosa. Both our interest in discussion and meeting new people as well as our motivation to engage in a variety of activities have brought us together to participate into the very first brainstorming event, which was organized by Maravilhosa.

Pivotal Circle offers mentoring and professional development to guide individuals into a successful and desirable professional life.

Mentoring and Professional Development

Our Team

The team consists of professionals from various industries and this is what made our brainstorming unique and interesting. The topic of our Initiative was “Mentoring and Professional Development and how to guide young people into their professional life”. Our brainstorming sessions were initially filled with a lot of ideas and wonderful opinions. We realized that this topic was a vast topic with a lot of aspects and parameters. We have concluded that there is a great need for mentoring young professionals.


Our Vision

Mentoring is often a very powerful tool in many developed countries for young professionals to fulfill their ambitions timely. That’s why we came up with the idea of creating an online platform which will bring people with knowledge and experience (Mentors) together with people who are in need to access this knowledge and experience (Mentees) from all industries and ages.

The team mentors of Pivotal Circle will perform 1:1 sessions with you, virtually (online and by phone) or face to face, offering advice and guidance in both Greek and English, or another language provided that it’s available by the mentors.
Pivotal Circle will give through sessions the chance to people to discuss career opportunities and obtain advice on their future professional development.

The beauty of mentoring is that the inexperienced person manages to reach his or her dreams and goals as envisaged with the help of the mentors and the knowledge possessed by them